Maynard No Excuse Mom Group: Join us once a week and meet with other women who want to be healthy!  We have free, regular meetups, typically Sunday mornings at either 7:30 a.m. or 10 a.m. We are based off of Maria Kang and her No Excuse Program. We promote and encourage you to find balance in your personal life, to embrace clean eating in moderation, to challenge your body to its own limits – and to have fun being the best version of you! For class times and additional information, join this Facebook page! 

I also offer discounted videos and personal training one hour Skype Sessions for NEM members. Get the very best of me as I focus all of my attention on you. Following an initial assessment of goals and history, we will make a plan for success for you! I will personalize your workouts and give you goal-oriented, level-appropriate workouts to get you where you want to be. Following each workout, you will receive a written rundown of what we’ve done. With a strong focus on overall form and function, learn all the tools to become your best you!

To purchase a one-hour session for $55 click here.

To purchase 6 one-hour sessions for $300 click here.

If you are an NEM member and want to purchase online videos at a discounted rate, contact me for the discount code!